Zen Mindful Tapestry “Full Moon”
Zen Mindful Tapestry “Full Moon”

Zen Mindful Tapestry “Full Moon”

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Zen Circle Tapestry”

The world is getting chaotic these days. We should know that it’s necessary for us to establish ourselves that can offer a hand to others.
This tapestry is the one which has a spiritual soul helps a strong will accept incompatible things and turn all bad things into goodness as the spirit of shinto preaching.
Black and white, they repel one another but complement each other, those don’t only fascinate people but also ease their minds. The combination used for this tapestry gives you such power and meditation.

The simple appearance will embrace you and your mind gently.

Ring diameter is 8 inches (20cm), thickness is about 3mm.

Cotton & Metal 

Made In New York City